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Still Room Diffuser

Still Room Diffuser
Still Room Diffuser
Still Room Diffuser

Still Room Diffuser

Hinoki, onsen mist, and cedarwood create a relaxing woody scent that fills your home with a gust of fresh air. Heart notes of Hinoki lend the perfect dash of linen and pine to the mixture, creating the perfect scent that some even say embodies the Japanese Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) experience.

Ayu Carlton - Creative Director


  • Additional Info

    5 fl oz / 147 ml.
    Up to 2-3 months usage time.

  • USE & CARE

    Place the sticks into the bottle.

    Flip them occasionally to intensify the fragrance.

    Keep away from children and pets.

    Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

    Do not swallow.

    Keep way from heat.

    Avoid contact with furniture, textiles, and finished surfaces.

    Spillage may cause damage to certain materials.

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