[Limited Edition] Mini Umi Jar Candle (GS)

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[Limited Edition] Made with the utmost quality providing you with a clean, long-lasting burn and a delightful experience of extraordinary scents.

Candle comes in a hexagon shaped glass jar with a lid to keep wax dust free when the candle is not in use. Modern and minimalist design will fit in any atmosphere.
Inspired by coastal living lifestyle. Imagine a beach house with a calming ocean breeze. This fresh, airy scent pairs ocean mist and fresh green leaves, grounded by notes of sea salt and patchouli. It guides you to self-meditate and to relax while enjoying the blissful scent. - Ayu Carlton, Creative Director *Umi means ocean in Japanese.

Top: Eucalyptus, Ocean Mist
Heart: Sea Salt, Citronella
Base: Patchouli, Cedarwood
3 oz / 85 g.
Burn time up to 20 hours.
Handcrafted in USA. 

For a cleaner burn, trim wick before each use.

Premium Fragrance

We create clean and unique scents for modern lifestyle. They are made with perfume grade fragrance oils and essentioal oils.

Natural Plant Waxes

AYDRY & Co. candles are made with a special blend of coconut and soy waxes. They are clean burning & long lasting.

Candle Safety Tips

Please carefully read the warning label located on the bottom of the container.

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